An essential part of what makes the Zones a place of healing and wholeness is the support of Teammates who regularly visit each of the Zones. These safe havens offer a perfect place for athletes to interact and make happy memories with many children during each visit.

Teammates continue to brighten the lives of children facing some of their darkest hours. The positive impact of an encouraging word, a photograph, a handshake, or a shared game or craft cannot be overstated. For a time, kids can forget about their health problems while basking in the attention of their heroes.

“It’s so rewarding to see this generation of athletes giving back by spending their time visiting our network of Zones.” Said Co-Founder of The Zone Network, Troy Aikman “The Child Life Zone Network is a place for them to share their stories and at the very least, give these kids a short period of time where they don’t feel sick. Thanks to everyone involved for being great Teammates!”

Some highlights of Teammates' support of the Zones include an annual visit by NFL draft picks to the New York Zone on the day before the actual draft. The athletes play games with the kids and participate in a KidsZone TV broadcast to all of the patient rooms. Arizona Diamondback Paul Goldschmidt and his wife, Amy, visit the Phoenix zone 2-3 times each month to play games with the children there. Minnesota Viking Chad Greenway and his wife, Jennifer, have set up one of "Chad's Lockers," filled with laptops, movies, and video game systems, in the Zone at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. College athletes regularly visit the Atlanta and Denver zones. In each case, children's lives are touched by Teammates' generosity and grace.Air Jordan I Mid