The Zones are places where magic happens every day, through creative play time that gives kids a break from medical procedures; where strong bonds of friendship are formed; and where kids sometimes have the incredible experience of meeting one of their heroes.

All of this happened at the Phoenix Zone this week. Arizona Diamondbacks 1st baseman Paul Goldschmidt, along with his wife Amy, made one of their regular visits to the Zone, just in time to meet one of Paul’s biggest fans. The patient was playing MLB ’12 on the PS3 and telling the staff how baseball is his favorite sport. A few minutes later, he was surprised when Paul walked in the room. The young man’s face lit up, and after a moment of being speechless, he quickly rallied and enjoyed a conversation with Paul. In fact, his mother said she has never heard him talk so much!

“I was blown away how awesome the Zone is! Pictures and words cannot descried what an amazing place this is.” said Goldschmidt “Amy and I are honored to be a part of everything Teammates does for so many kids and families.

“Every foundation needs people like Paul and Amy Goldschmidt” Says Jason Grahame, Director of Operations ”I hope they realize the difference they are making in these kid's lives...Teammates cannot thank them enough for being ambassadors for our Foundation and for the visits they make to our Child Life Zone."

The Phoenix Zone was also a “home away from home” for two friends who met while they were playing pool in the Zone. They started to talk to each other and soon figured out they were the same age, had rooms in the same unit, were in the hospital for the same reason, and had undergone a lot of the same procedures and “yucky things” like getting an IV and having an NG tube. They both took advantage of as much time in the Zone as possible,during their admission. It thrilled everyone around these two kids to see them come out of their shells and feel more comfortable with the medical equipment they lugged around.Nike Shox Deliver