At 77 days premature, Roxy Cooper now 9-years old, was born with Nager Syndrome. This rare genetic condition, affects the development of structures in the face, hands and arms. But more importantly says her mom Sarah, “Roxy was born with a natural sweetness and the kindest heart.” That kind heart sweetly sparkled at the Circle the Wagon event held in Indianapolis on August 23rd, at the spectacular Lucas Estate where money was being raised for the construction of the Child Life Zone at Riley Hospital for Children! Roxy had decorated her wrist with a colorful assortment of rubber band bracelets she had woven together. The instant she and her family met Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, Roxy beamed as she asked each to choose their favorite. It’s no surprise that her kind gift was followed by a group wrist-bump and hugs all around.

Rosy is such a special young lady that during the event program, Garth explained to everyone that when the Zone is complete at Riley Hospital, Teammates for Kids is going to name one of the rooms after Roxy! “In all the Zones that we have ever built we’ve always had naming rights for the donors. This is the first time ever no money’s been exchanged. This is about the human spirit and they couldn’t pick a better one than this one right here (pointing toward Roxy)…for all the children that will follow!” And finally, event host Steve Levy from ESPN restated Garth’s official announcement, “At this brand new spectacular Zone at Riley Children’s Hospital there will be A Room Named Roxy!” The gallery of guests filled the summer night with applause and cheers.

Roxy’s moxie will undoubtedly make her an ideal ambassador to represent the Riley Children’s Hospital ZONE. Special Thanks to everyone who supported this special evening!Air Force 1 High