Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden and Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker, both dedicated Teammates, returned to their home state of Oklahoma in the aftermath of the devastating tornados that ripped through state. Both spent Memorial Day weekend working in Moore, where Weeden’s wife grew up and where some of his in-laws still live.

Weeden told the Associated Press before his trip, “I’ll do anything, whether it’s getting in the rubble and doing whatever, it doesn’t matter. I’ll be there to help.”

Teammates co-founder and Oklahoma native Garth Brooks said, “We all have heard the saying, ‘Character is not created in crisis, it is revealed.’ Watching how Oklahomans have returned to their home state to help out has truly been inspiring. Also, the help in which we have received from people and companies outside of this state has been humbling.” nike air max 90 china