The great part about this life is that we get to do it with other people … we get to do it with “Teammates” … this can be family, coaches, friends, teachers, siblings … anyone is a Teammate and we need all of them to help us through.

Teammates For Kids is proud to host Stay in the Game at each Stadium Tour city. Stay in the Game is not just about sports … it’s about life. Garth and a Teammate athlete talk with kids and their parents on how to prepare for success in their lives the same way that they prepare for success in sports. In St. Louis we were honored to have former MLB/MVP Larry Walker as our guest speaker and in Glendale, Arizona Cardinal Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald joined Garth on stage.

Stay in the Game challenge:

• Change something in you life for the positive. Can be big or small … take care of yourself first!

• Write someone a letter and send it to them. Tell them why they helped you Stay in the Game!

• Create a moment for someone you don’t know. Say hello, learn their name, invite them to sit at your lunch table.

• Give someone a hug and tell them you love them.

• Love one another … love yourself, do right when everyone is asking you to do wrong.Air Jordan 7 Sandals Slippers