Doesn't everyone have a bucket list? Betty Golden (88 years young) sure does, and she put one very meaningful check on that list recently in The Zone in Atlanta.

Six years ago, Betty's husband Stan collapsed, and a stranger stopped to give him CPR. Although Stan did not survive, Betty wanted to do something for the stranger who tried to revive him. As it turns out, the stranger was a nurse at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

As her way of giving back, Betty decided to knit hats for children going through cancer treatment. Her initial goal was to create 63 hats to celebrate her 63 years of marriage to Stan. Her idea turned into an organization called Project of Love (, and it has grown tremendously. To date, more than 10,000 hats have been knitted, and Betty donates them to several organizations in addition to Children’s Healthcare.

The other part of Betty’s dream was to do more than just deliver hats to the hospital. She wanted to interact with the kids she was making them for. To make this plan a reality, Betty and a group of volunteers (her knitting elves) came to The Zone, gave hats and blankets to patients and families, sang songs, AND taught everyone how to knit.

Betty said, "I wish I could have frozen those moments in time. This was the very best day I've had after Stan died. I can hardly breathe knowing all my prayers were answered today, and I'm wondering if it could ever be matched. I just don't think so."

"This was such a unique and special event for us," said Juliet Veal, Zone Coordinator. "The patients were so interested in learning something new like knitting. Betty watched and spent time with each patient and was smiling from ear to ear during the entire party. Bringing smiles to patients and families and some of our very special volunteers made this another amazing day in The Zone! What more could we ask for?”nike air max 90 style